Testing firm Eurofins Softlines and Leather has expanded its capabilities in China, saying the move demonstrates its commitment to the market despite global uncertainty as a result of Covid-19.

Part of the Eurofins Consumer Product Testing (CPT) division, the S&L unit provides quality, safety and sustainability solutions for textiles and footwear buyers and suppliers. It operates a network of ten laboratories in Asia, Europe and the US, with two Technical Competence Centres in Spain and the UK.

The company has now consolidated two laboratories in Hangzhou and Shenzhen as a Chinese testing hub for domestic and overseas customers specialising in the apparel and footwear industries.

The Softlines and Leather laboratory in Shanghai has been relocated to the laboratory in Hangzhou to enable more comprehensive and effective service delivery facilitated by resource and workflow optimisation.

"The Softlines and Leather laboratory in Shenzhen has received China Guobiao (GB) testing accreditation for textiles, footwear and leather products, demonstrating its robust technical expertise and capabilities in product quality and compliance," the company says.

"The newly approved testing scope strongly enhances the service portfolio of the Shenzhen laboratory as a testing hub in the region, and strengthens the positioning of Eurofins Softlines and Leather China in the global market."

Last year, Eurofins Consumer Products Testing (CPT) acquired LAB Solution and AQM, strengthening its footprint in audits and inspections for the textile and leather industry.