Fashion technology specialist Human Solutions has devised the portal architecture for Eurofit, a research project to provide an online platform for body measurements.

The German company is also involved in the portal’s implementation, as well as contributing to the harmonisation of its 3D datasets and the development of its 3D data handling tools.

The goal of Eurofit is to implement the online platform based on 3D scans, establishing an open framework to help designers and others in the industry to draw useful shape information and use it for product development.

According to the aims of the project, database owners can pool the data they already hold and generate income from its use, while third party IT companies can develop new services to reuse pooled data in other ways.

Developers passed the first release of the portal earlier this year, and the project – now in its second stage – is due to last until the end of May 2014.

Research and development work, much of it focused on developing effective methods for 3D shape data aggregation and analysis, will be followed by a four-month demonstration phase by end users from the apparel, orthotics and personal protection industries.