Executives from German sportswear giant Adidas and Cambridge Consultants, a product development and technology consultancy firm, are set to speak about the future of smart technology in sport at an event in London later this month. 

The third edition of the annual Wearable Technology Show, which claims to be the world's largest event of its kind, includes nine seminar stages with various talks running alongside the expo. These include smart textiles and embedded sensors, and performance sports and fitness. 

Taking place on 15-16 March at ExCeL, London, the event will see Adidas's director of IT innovation programme and projects, Burkhard Duemler, talk about fitness wearables, and Ruth Thomson, head of consumer product development at Cambridge Consultants, speak about developing sports technology fast. 

In addition, the next generation of smart devices and applications for sport and fitness will also be unveiled by exhibitors for the first time in the UK.

These include the global launch of Myzone's new innovative app and smart clothing range, the world's first performance enhancing sportswear, and a revolutionary smart jacket that incorporates ultra bright turn signals and braking sensors to improve cyclists' and pedestrians' safety through enhancing their visibility in poor light conditions. 

"Sports performance was one of the very first sectors to embrace smart technology, but things have moved on significantly since the introduction of the first fitness band," says John Weir, COO of the Wearable Technology Show.

"Sports performance can now be enhanced through smart textiles and haptic technology, which are both incredibly exciting, and the future is all about providing feedback and benefits tailored to the individual rather than a one size fits all approach."