Experts from leading fashion and apparel brands including Gucci, Adidas, Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger are taking part in a two-day event in London that will look at the opportunities offered by modern technology in helping to improve and streamline the apparel product development process.

This is the second time that PI Apparel 2014, or Product Innovation Apparel, is being held after making its debut last year.

The event takes as its foundation the fact that fluctuating consumer demand means apparel and fashion firms have to rely much more on internal streamlining and cost savings in order to remain competitive.

As a result, companies are increasingly focusing on technology deployments and upgrades to enhance their overall supply and value chain.

PI Apparel brings together technical case studies and strategic presentations, supported by networking opportunities. Discussions will look at pioneering innovations, PLM-specific journeys, and department-specific challenges from design and development through to merchandising, sustainability and retail.

More specifically, sessions will include the following:

  • Michaela le Divelec Lemmi, chief corporate operations officer & EVP will discuss and share how Guccio Gucci SpA is utilising sustainability efforts to remain innovative and competitive.
  • Have operations at Bonobos and Fashion Avenue Knits truly been enhanced through technological developments and what implications have these had on business?
  • Directors from Aydinli Group and Tommy Hilfiger will discuss the inefficiencies that led them to turn to PLM and what the platform has meant for collaborative product development and visibility.
  • Have Otto GmbH & Co KG and Kipling successfully enhanced consumer engagement in maintaining brand integrity and supporting a more consumer-centric approach to design?
  • What technologies have been deployed by Adidas to support a real-time global business environment and boost virtualisation efforts in apparel?
  • What are the newest innovations in fashion/apparel design technology as shown by The Unseen, BioCouture and Modern Meadow.

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