Leading US-based manufacturer, marketer and licenser of sporting apparel, Everlast Worldwide Inc, today announced the signing of three new licensing agreements in Mexico, Japan and Israel.

The company has agreed deals with Difusion Deportiva, based in Mexico City, for the marketing and distribution of men's socks; with Tokyo-based Tomen (Tokyo) for the marketing and distribution of bags, hats and socks; and with Israeli-based Megamart Ltd for the marketing and distribution of Everlast apparel.

Everlast said the products developed by Difusion Deportiva, Tomen and Mega Sporting Goods will be available in stores by the Fall.

George Horowitz, chairman and CEO of Everlast Worldwide Inc, said: "These signings will serve to enhance our position in three key markets - Latin American, the Far East and the Middle East.

"We will continue to sign additional quality licensees as we seek to capitalise on the growing demand for Everlast branded products throughout the world."