Online colour collaboration solutions provider eWarna has forged an agreement with colour management technologies firm GretagMacbeth to resell its GretagMacbeth NetProfiler application to the global textile and apparel industry.

Under the deal, eWarna will integrate the technology into its internet-based LabWorks Pro and Xmatch applications as a combined solution, in addition to marketing NetProfiler as a standalone application.

According to eWarna CEO Richard Lawn, the incorporation of NetProfiler into the company's existing products would allow users to more accurately monitor changes as information moves through the supply chain.

"It is a well-accepted principle in the industry that the best spectrophotometers experience drift and profiling is needed," Lawn explained.

"NetProfiler solves this problem by removing instrumental drift as a variable in colour measurement, making colour communication more accurate and effective."

Gretagmacbeth is a subsidiary of Swiss group Amazys Holding AG.