A new service that will allow organisations around the world to benefit from digital colour control has been set up by eWarna through a strategic partnership with UK-based Merchandise Testing Laboratories.

Under the new scheme - The Colour Bureau @ MTL - colour samples can be taken to MTL laboratories around the world where they will be measured accurately under defined conditions. The data will be guaranteed accurate by MTL so that any receiving organisation will know that it can be relied upon.

Malcolm Ball, head of eWarna in the UK, explains: "The Colour Bureau @ MTL will not simply be an operations centre for eWarna, but will also be a centre of excellence for colour training, sample preparation and accreditation".

He adds: "Local and overseas suppliers wishing to service their clients can now provide data that will be accepted by the buyers - without having to invest heavily in lengthy investment and accreditation schemes before they can benefit commercially from the technology."