eWarna, which specialises in online colour management solutions (CMS), has signed an intergration and distribution agreement with Yunique Solutions, a developer of product lifecycle management (PLM) and digital asset management (DAM) solutions for the fashion and related industries.

The agreement paves the way for Yunique to market and deliver advanced online colour collaboration tools powered by eWarna's patented Online Color Exchange (OCX) as an integrated component of its plmOn solution.

eWarna's on-demand web services will allow Yunique plmOn customers to seamlessly store, retrieve, compare and share precise digital colour information in the eWarna OCX.

Using plmOn's proven collaboration and workflow tools, users can then communicate digitised colour standards, receive/submit colour submissions (lab or bulk dips) through industry standard file formats, set approval tolerances and keep detailed records of all colour approvals. These colour-specific capabilities are critical to driving time and cost out of the product lifecycle of apparel and other fashion-related products.

By adding colour management and collaboration, Yunique will extend plmOn's already extensive suite of industry-specific digital asset (image) management, tech pack management, quotation and bid management, sample and production planning and tracking, pre-concept line management, and materials management capabilities.

"We recognize colour collaboration as a critical component of product lifecycle management in the fashion industries", said Daniel Pak, chief information officer of Yunique Solutions.

ManHon Shiew, chief executive officer of eWarna, said: "This alliance allows us to expand the use of our colour tools to companies using or planning plmOn implementations without the requirement for a separate colour management application."

The companies have begun integration work and expect to begin delivery of the integrated colour capabilities in the second quarter of 2006. Yunique plans to offer the eWarna-powered colour tools to existing and prospective plmOn customers as an optional module. plmOn users will gain access to the colour functions through the standard plmOn interface without exiting or logging-on to an additional colour application.