Former Marks & Spencer lingerie director Janie Schaffer is reportedly seeking more than GBP1m (US$1.4m) in compensation from the UK retailer.

The former creative director of Victoria's Secret joined M&S in January, as head of lingerie and beauty, but resigned after only a few months in the role.

Schaffer is reportedly seeking a figure well in excess of GBP1m, the FT reported.

The report said that when she joined M&S Schaffer agreed a two-year package compensating her for about 70% of what she had built in shares and share options at Victoria's Secret over her five years with the US lingerie chain, unnamed sources told the FT.

The bulk of the figure that she is now seeking is to compensate her for Victoria's Secret share options that would have vested in January 2013, worth more than GBP1m alone.

The claim allegedly comes from a dispute over her job description, with the FT reporting that Schaffer believed she would have full control over the lingerie business unit, including marketing, packaging and store design, and would be expanding the division into standalone lingerie and beauty shops.