Performance apparel company ExOfficio has launched what it claims is the first ever line of insect-repellent garden apparel and accessories.

The line, BUZZ OFF from MUMZ, was launched in US nurseries, home and garden retailers and boutique/specialty retailers this week.

The clothes are created using the BUZZ OFF Insect Shield technology that is said to ward off mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, ants, flies and midges. The insect repellent active ingredient permethrin, a human-made version of an insect repellent that occurs naturally in certain chrysanthemums, is stuck to the fabric of the garments.
BUZZ OFF's line is the first insect-repellent clothing to be registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The apparel and accessories are 100% cotton, with functional features that include trousers with pruner pockets, hats with elastic sweatbands and removable chinstraps, and gloves with padded palms and elasticity at the wrists. Prices range from US$10 to $54.

President of ExOfficio Rick Hemmerling said: "Similar to the travel experience, two of the primary concerns we face when gardening outdoors are exposure to the harsh, unrelenting sun and pesky, potentially dangerous insects."

"MUMZ is a natural extension of our expertise with ExOfficio travel and outdoors performance apparel and accessories that offers comfortable, convenient and stylish solutions to both of these issues."