Texon International has more than doubled production of its of toe puff and counter materials (TP&C) through recent acquisitions and joint venture agreements.Some of the TP&C producing companies recently brought in to the Texon International group include: Chamberlain's Materials UK, Foss Manufacturing footwear business USA, Foss Lambiotte in France and Boxflex in Brazil. Texon now owns leading brands Tufflex, Formo, Lambshoe, Foss Stytherm, Hawk, Wonderflex, Ferrafilm and Ferrabond.The company has introduced several TP&C products over the past year, all of them featuring recycled content. None of the products include formaldehyde, PVC or other banned substances. Richard Tucker, product manager, non-woven division, said: "Recently, our research and development has been focussing on the development of recyclable, environmentally friendly products. We have recyclable counter materials available now, with a recyclable toe puff material (for use initially in sports footwear) available soon. By the year 2003 it is our intention that all of our toe puff and counter materials should be recyclable and eco-friendly, ensuring that we care for the environment as well as our footwear manufacturing customers."New products from Texon include fully recyclable Formo Reform counter material- scrap material is collected, pelletised and reprocessed into more Reform. Formo Rebound is a new product made using post-industrial waste and can be used as a toe puff or counter material offering a firmer feel at a thinner gauge.Tufflex UltraFirm is a stiff resilient toe puff material designed for casual or performance footwear. Formo UltraFit is a new high quality counter material for ultimate performance, while Formo Merit is a thermoplastic toe puff or counter material for use in economy footwear.