Plans to expand Vietnam's textile and garment export trade into the US have been hampered by high import taxes and competition despite a rise in the value of the US textile imports to around $64.5bn.

With over 270 million people in the US market Vietnamese exporters have been keen to see their expanding textile industry break into the US market and improve on last years figure of $37m worth of garments exported to the US.

However, the high import taxes mean that Vietnam has had to put its plans on hold and may have to wait until the US-Vietnam trade agreement comes into effect before they can make any real impression on the market.

Even with the status of Most Favoured Nation through the trade pact, the Vietnamese exporters will be faced with fierce competition from some of the largest garment manufacturers in the world, who have not been subject to the high import charges imposed on the Vietnamese textilers.

Hoang Ve Dung, director of the Garment and Textile Import-Export Company said: "It is really unfair. In terms of price and quality Vietnamese garments are able to hold their own in the US market, but our profits are being negated by the huge import taxes."