Techx, described as "the world's most extreme technical thread range," has been launched by Donisthorpe into the UK's high specification protective clothing and technical thread markets.

Produced by its parent company Amann & Söhne GmbH, the Techx range has been designed to perform within extreme safety critical environments. Applications include fire brigade, blast furnace and welder wear, as well as clean room garments.

Techx comprises a number of technical threads, each designed to meet the specific functional requirements of seams for different end-uses. Its advanced heat resistant N-tech/Nc-tech and K-tech/Kc-tech threads are used in the production of heat protective, safety critical clothing and shoes for military, police, fire, blast and furnace personnel. Produced from meta-aramid (N-/Nc-tech) or para-aramid (K-/Kc-tech) fibres these threads do not melt but will char and decompose after prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Z-tech threads are both heat and chemical resistant and are ideally suited for protective clothing applications the Donisthorpe says. Constructed of polyetheretherketone, PEEK, continuous filament Z-tech threads are resistant to both acid and alkaline-based substances and offer good temperature stability. The decomposition temperature of Z-tech is 400ºC.

For clean and electromagnetic room environments, Techx performance threads offer three solutions: S-tech, a non-silicone-added thread constructed of continuous filament polyester; I-tech, a steel-based conductive thread made from continuous filament polyamide or polyester which disperses and conducts electrical or static charges; and C-tech, a conductive thread made from continuous filament polyester and a fine carbon fibre yarn.