Jean of cotton, Tencel and Lycra dualFX fabric from Tejidos Royos MeSu collection

Jean of cotton, Tencel and Lycra dualFX fabric from Tejidos Royo's MeSu collection

Ongoing efforts by fibre producers Invista and Lenzing to bring improved performance to stretch denim have been embraced by a number of mills who have developed new fabrics for autumn/winter 2015/16.

By combining Invista's patented Lycra dualFX fabric technology with Lenzing's Tencel fibre, the two companies say they have overcome many of the challenges faced by mills in developing stretch cellulosic fabrics. The combination also builds on the growing popularity of both fibres in the denim market.

The Lycra dualFX fabric technology combines two stretch fibres into a single yarn, and adding Tencel to the mix helps overcome problems like fabric recovery and seam slippage.   

"We're pleased to see how the value chain is embracing this concept," said Jean Hegedus, global denim director for Invista. "These fabrics really address the consumer's need for soft, luxurious denim that performs and keeps its shape, wash after wash, and wear after wear."

Among the new styles being showcased are the MeSu line from Tejidos Royo of Spain, and the Suprelast our collection from Textil Santanderina of Spain. Orta of Turkey, along with Central Fabrics and Prosperity from North Asia, have also embraced the fibre combination.