Unpaid textile workers - some of whom have not received a salary for more than a year - took to the streets in cities across Iran over the week-end to protest their predicament and demand action. Their conduct led to clashes with armed police, and eight were reported to have been wounded in the scuffles that followed. 
Around 300 textile labourers gathered in the city of Isfahan to demand their first wages for several months; while the capital Tehran saw around 250 factory employees demonstrate in front of the country's parliament on Sunday. 

The Tehran workers were from the Jamco men's clothing and Shadanpour shoe factories. This is the second time they have demonstrated in this way and many openly criticised management's "incompetence".           

According to official statistics, Iran is battling unemployment levels of around 15 per cent - although unofficial estimates put the percentage much higher.

Earlier this month the government responded to similar protests by pledging to spend $500 million from its oil stabilisation fund to rescue the country's ailing textile industry.