Fagus, the German shoe last company, has released details of 100 new designs for the Autumn/Winter 2001 season. It sees a return of more classic styles, with sport and active styles big news for men's and children's shoes.

The main emphasis for men has been on the sport/active look. Shoes have a clean, simple cut, with a widely rounded or even slightly asymmetrical look for the insole.

Softness and wearable comfort are big news. Soles are somewhat wedge-shaped in appearance, even slightly dished in shape, plus thin sole silhouettes are catered for and heel and toe spoilers.

Classical forms are again growing in popularity. Soft, middle-width curves, and a narrower, square toe line make an appearance. Expressive welts supplement classical heel forms, while colour is also important.

There is a very wide variety of forms and bottom appearances in ladies' shoe fashion in this season. The toe modelling range covers thin to voluptuous widths, in square toe line and also in rounded insole appearances. For boots, a variety of shaft heights is possible, from ankle height up to high-shaft boots and a spring area from 15 to 75mm.

Sports and active styles are again important in children's fashion and are mainly adaptations from the ladies' and men's ranges. Soles are less eccentric than they have been in the past for the younger generations. There is also an emphasis on slightly wedge-shaped creations, as well as thin bottom lines in dish-forms. The colour selection is huge, with lively combinations of rich shades. Ankle-height boots, but also some higher shafts, are typical for the autumn/winter collection.

From Peter Embling, Shoestyle