More than 1,600 pairs of fake Levi's jeans, worth $65,000 have been confiscated following a two-year investigation into a multi-state counterfeiting scheme.

Authorities in Corona, CA, said four people were arrested after allegedly buying jeans from Mexico and smuggling them into the country. They sewed brand labels on the jeans then sold them to swap meet vendors, said Ernest Wheale, director of investigation for Levi's.

More than 1300 pairs of jeans were found in cupboards, the trunks of cars, closets and under beds, and another 357 pairs were hidden at a storage unit.

"This is just one case in dozens that we are investigating worldwide," Wheale said. "It's really very simple to make the labels. Any printer will do it. And to the casual observer, it looks real."

He added that while a real pair of Levi's sells for $30 to $40, fake ones can be bought in Mexico for about $4 to $6 per pair and sold on for around $17.