A small family firm based in Staffordshire, England has developed a revolutionary crosslinking textile adhesive that is attracting attention from leading retailers and brand names around the world.Crosslinking, or thermosetting, adhesives can be used throughout the textile and garment manufacturing industry. Crosslinking adhesion gives a softer feel to garments as well as significantly greater durability after high temperature washing and industrial laundering. The garment is also resistant to wear and tear from household ironing, with no discernible de-lamination; shrinkage or " orange peeling" effect, the company claimed. "The adhesive has been fine-tuned over the past 12 months and is beginning to attract more interest from manufacturers and retailers," said Jay Taylor, Latent's managing director.The new adhesive is ecologically friendly too, said Tony McNulty, sales manager for Latent. "The adhesive is water-based and does not use pollutants or potentially hazardous substances in its make-up, so it is totally environmentally safe," he saidLatent's crosslinking products are now ready to be launched commercially and are already receiving a lot of industry attention. "We have been approached by major UK names as well as large shirt manufacturers in the Far East," said Mr McNulty. The products are currently being introduced into a wide range of higher quality men's and women's garments which are sold through well-known high-street retail outlets.