Arguments are continuing over revised schedules for this autumn's designer catwalk shows, with Italian organisers saying the new dates interfere with their plans. They are now suggesting that London, New York and Milan should each cut their shows by a day.

The row began when event organisers in New York and Britain agreed to switch and change the dates of their fashion weeks so that the occasion wouldn't clash with September 11 commemorations. This move was greeted with some annoyance by British designers who said American buyers were unlikely to travel to the UK from 12-17 September, and then return to the US between 18-23 September, only to cross the Atlantic again for the final European leg in Milan and Paris.

According to the Italian organisers there is now a problem with the new dates. Milan's shows were scheduled for 22 September to 1 October - leaving a two-day overlap with the new US schedule. The Paris shows are due to start 3 October. The solution proposed by Italian fashion leaders following a meeting on Thursday is a new schedule: London from 12-16 September; New York from 17-21 September; Milan from 23 September to 1 October.

Mario Boselli, honorary president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion said Friday: "We have faith that it will be agreeable to both London and New York. But if it isn't, it won't change."