Market researcher Video Research Interactive has released the results of a survey which reveals the top Internet sites visited by women between 20 -30 are fashion retail sites.

Internet based mail order company Belle Maison took top ranking registering an estimated 4,580,000 hits from young women on its site over a one-year period in 2006. Next up is Felissimo, registering 2,840,000 visits over the same period.

Other fashion mail order companies were also high up in the ranking, totalling more hits when added together than registered for sites such as even Google or Yahoo. The secret to mail order popularity in Japan is the use of the mobile phone to do shopping points out the survey.

The mobile shopping market for physical products reached US$1.84bn in 2004 for Japan, representing about 8% of all on-line sales of physical products and about 15% of them
in fashion-related items.

In another survey conducted last year 40% of women between 20 and 40 reported that online shopping was the most popular service available on mobile phones, followed by 38% who most enjoyed downloading music.

By Michael Fitzpatrick.