Dr Michael Wybo, the founder and managing director of Fashionchain, an e-commerce supplier of web-based supply chain management products and services for the apparel industry, has been tapped to serve on the McGill University Management Science Research Center Advisory Board.

A network of industry and academic experts, the Advisory Board's mandate is to establish a collaborative forum to identify and address the complex management, manufacturing and operations challenges businesses face in the current economic environment.

"This Advisory Board," notes Dr Wybo, "and the opportunity it affords for real collaboration between educators and industry experts, is crucial to the development of the tools necessary to succeed in today's knowledge-based economy. In the real world and in academia, it's no longer 'e-business.' It's business - smokestack, brick-and-mortar, click-and-mortar or otherwise."

Prior to his role in Fashionchain's launch, Dr Wybo served as the vice president and then senior vice president of research, development and quality assurance at Essentus Inc, a leading provider of supply chain management software. He joined that firm in 1997 to launch its training and education business unit.

In addition, Dr Wybo has consulted for such companies as AT&T Bell Labs, Canadian Liquid Air and the Canadian National Railways on data management and modelling, the University of Michigan in Niger to develop economic studies in that country's agricultural sector, and for USAID to develop a plan for computerizing the Rwandan Agricultural Statistics Service.