Fast Retailing, which owns the Uniqlo brand, has signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

The company said it began a review of the Accord following the collapse of the Rana Plaza facility. Upon disclosure of the full details of the Accord on 8 July, it agreed that the plan "effecgtively ensures the safety of garment workers in Bangladesh," and committed to back the initiative.

Fast Retailing said that independent of the Accord it began its own investigation into fire and building safety in its supplier facilities in Bangladesh. The investigation is now complete and follow up confirmation of building safety is planned, working with experts from Japan. Final results on the facilities run by its partners are expected by November 2013.

In July, the company opened its first stores in Bangladesh as part of a tie-up with Grameen Group's Grameen Healthcare Trust, a social enterprise that helps to address issues related to poverty, public sanitation, education, gender issues and the environment.

The social business venture, Grameen Uniqlo, produces the produces the collection in Bangladesh using locally sourced materials. The range includes 32 items for men and ten for women, priced at between US$2.50 and $15.50, tailored to the specific needs of Bangladeshi consumers.