A web-based solution that provides detailed visibility into variable ticketing supply lead times is being rolled out with leading retailers including Urban Outfitters.

FastTrak Analytics is the newest addition to the FastTrak platform from FineLine Technologies, an internet-based solution for order processing, tracking and management of the ticketing function.

The analytical reporting tool provides three core reports covering order turnaround time, order received time, and orders shipped to country.

"FineLine understands our supply chain and is the first supplier to provide us with real-time reporting for both shipping and received-at-vendor performance metrics. This real-time information helps us to better manage our ticketing supply chain," said Jay Hallet, vendor relations manager, at Urban Outfitters, a leading specialty store retailer of women's and men's fashion apparel, footwear and accessories.

To use FastTrak Analytics, the retailer simply chooses a start date and end date to evaluate.

The system then provides a real-time view of the three sets of lead-time data, specific to the retailer's own business, offering dashboard views of charts which can be easily exported or pasted into e-mail and other programmes.