Fasturn, Inc, the next-generation technology and business solution provider for the apparel industry, has announced partnerships with three leading apparel-buying agencies representing 48 countries worldwide. These exclusive partnership agreements, combined with Fasturn's existing company-owned, apparel-buying agent office in Korea, gives Fasturn a physical presence in Asia Pacific, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Fasturn is the only web-based direct sourcing and supply chain solution with hands-on industry experts in all major apparel manufacturing markets, the company said.

The combination of the Fasturn-owned sourcing office in Korea and the joint partnerships with Textiles Network Ltd, Primex, and iTex (a division of Waves Trading Limited), gives apparel buyers and manufacturers using Fasturn the security of having trained experts on location to assure factories are qualified and to help facilitate the procurement process.

Fasturn's apparel supply optimisation solution allows retail buyers and manufacturers to more rapidly search and fulfill garment production needs in more than 48 countries worldwide, while local agents ensure the entire process runs smoothly and successfully.

"We have entered an exclusive partnership with Fasturn because we believe their solution is going to be the driving force behind our business," said Florence Koh, chair, Textiles Network Ltd. "Textiles Network Ltd. has been in the apparel sourcing business for 17 years and Fasturn's model of combining hands-on service with revolutionary technology is the only realistic Internet-based solution we've seen."

As the industry's first business-to-business solution to integrate web-based sourcing and tracking tools into the apparel industry, Fasturn said it's global marketplace gives buyers efficient access to a worldwide network of suppliers previously beyond the reach of many apparel-related businesses, resulting in increased margins and streamlined workflow. Fasturn couples this advanced technology with more than 200 experienced agents delivering a unique hi-tech solution.

"Buyers rely heavily on their personal relationships in manufacturing to get garments sourced, which can be limiting," said Marilyn Tam, Fasturn president. "Our agent relationships allow buyers using Fasturn to expand their sourcing opportunities, and our technology allows buyers to keep an eye on their order throughout the supply chain, ultimately improving their business processes which saves time and delivers higher margins."

Fasturn's global agents continually expand the company's current network of 2,500 member factories worldwide and are also responsible for the ongoing monitoring of product quality and factory operations, negotiating price and dealing with critical local export issues.

A leading apparel industry sourcing agent Textiles Network Ltd currently sources from over 30 countries in Asia Pacific, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Buying agent Primex has 14 offices covering Latin America and the Middle East and has been a leading sourcing agent for over 25 years. It is recognized as the largest and most experienced agency in these regions. To facilitate the specific needs of Fasturn, Waves Trading Limited started iTex Asia Ltd in 1999 to concentrate on Internet-related business for the USA market. Waves/iTex have offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Thailand and oversees factories in Asia Pacific including China, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. A new subsidiary will be opened in Jakarta, Indonesia in November 2000. In addition to these partners, Fasturn Korea currently has factories located in Korea, China, Indonesia, Guatemala, Spain, El Salvador and Honduras.

About Fasturn
Based in Los Angeles with offices in New York and agents around the world, Fasturn delivers the next-generation of sourcing solutions for the apparel industry. Fasturn's proprietary technology enables pre-qualified buyers and sellers to streamline sourcing and production, delivering increased margins and workflow efficiencies. By aggregating fragmented communities of garment suppliers, agents and buyers, Fasturn can deliver significant cost savings by uncovering new sourcing opportunities, condensing the time for sourcing and offering real-time tracking of the production and procurement cycle. For more information, visit