Sewpure thread is available in two weights

Sewpure thread is available in two weights

Fiberactive Organics, a specialist in cotton thread manufacturing and distribution, has introduced what it says is its strongest and most durable organic GOTS-certified thread.

Available in two weights, Sewpure is produced from organic cotton grown and spun in India. It is certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and put on recyclable plastic cones with biodegradable cardboard cores. Each cone is individually wrapped in biodegradable vegetable-based plastic to keep the thread and the environment clean.

Both weights of Sewpure – Tex 40 and Tex 70 – have low elongation rates and excellent loop formation, the company says. Organic cotton is not affected by needle heat, pressing or steaming; the thread strength increases when it is wet.  

Sewpure Tex 40 is a multi-purpose thread that is "strong and smooth" and recommended for sportswear and other products that will take some wear and tear.

Sewpure Tex 70, meanwhile, is a heavy-duty thread, formulated for denim, canvas, and upholstery fabrics. It is the company's most durable thread for stitching that needs to hold up under stress. The colour scheme was chosen with jeans manufacturers and furniture makers in mind.

The Sewpure fabrics are coloured naturally and are said to be ideal for piece-dyeing, or over-dyeing, as they will not bleed or fade and are not affected by washing.

Fiberactive Organics, which is a member of the Textile Exchange, says the thread is now available in the US.