Polyester fibre maker Asia Fiber Holdings Limited said on Tuesday it expects a minimum 10 per cent increase in sales revenue next year as a direct result of China's long-awaited entry into the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Following China's entry in 2002, all developing member countries of the WTO, including the US and European countries, will effectively lift their import quotas of textile and garment related products from China.

The company, whose fibres are used in everything from socks, leisure wear and lingerie to carpet pile, tyre cord and seat belts, believes it is set for a windfall with sales set to rocket.

Ching Lung Po, chairman of Asia Fiber Holdings Limited said: "We believe that following China's entry into the WTO, exports of textile related products will experience a significant increase and, as a result, the needs for synthetic yarns and filament produced by us will increase tremendously."

He added: "We expect to experience a consistent increase of sales orders from our existing clients as China's entry into the WTO approaches and, following entry, we anticipate a significant increase in demand for our products from both existing and new customers."

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