London-based FibreMark Solutions, which specialises in the development of supply chain traceability solutions for the textile industry, has obtained a US Patent for its Fibretrace Technology.

The company says the technology provides reliable data supporting carbon footprint claims and ethical supply chain practices, providing brands and consumers with information to help them make better decisions.

Invented by Paul Stenning, FibreMark's head of product development, Fibretrace delivers end-to-end traceability, real-time results, and transfers data to the Fibretrace blockchain. Trials were conducted at The International Cotton Association Bremen.

US Patent 10,247,667 B2 has been issued for the technology while an EU patent is pending. 

Fibretrace is a specially-constructed natural cellulose fibre that contains minute rare-earth particles as part of its construction to create a fully traceable smart fibre. The fibres are converted into slivers to give it the flexibility to mix the fibres at early stages of the supply chain. 

Each master-batch of Fibretrace signatures are made specific to each client, while Fibretrace has gone through rigorous testing and has no direct effect on textile processing, the firm says.

"We are on the cusp of a new era of transparency and traceability and at a time where the global fashion industry is re-examining its approach to traceability and transparency. Our technology allows companies to have full confidence in the integrity of their brands and supply chains", explains Danielle Statham, a representative of Fibretrace.

The UK firm is led by a team of experts and innovators in the textile supply chain, including Danielle and David Statham, operators of the world's first carbon-neutral cotton farm in Australia; Sanjeev Bahl, a board member of The Sustainable Apparel Coalition and founder of Saitex International; and Andrew Olah, founder of the Kingpins denim supply chain trade show and the Transformers summit series, which focuses on environmental and social responsibility and sustainability in the denim industry.

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