Milano's Mateo Thun Studio has been chosen by Fila Holding S.p.A (NYSE:FLH) to work on the design for its new flagship stores.

The new stores are being designed as part of Fila's retail project, which will see the stores being closely tied with the Internet for sales of its sporting apparel and footwear.

Michele Scannavini, managing director of Fila Holding said: "This project is strategic for Fila's future. It will help us consolidate and strengthen our position. The first Fila flagship store will open in Milano in the spring.

"All of those who enter the store will experience Fila's conception of Sport and Life: sport as emotion, fun and well being. Even the market for sporting goods, like the majority of the commercial sectors, will be characterised by an ever-stronger connection between retail and Internet activities.

"We asked Matteo Thun Studio to design a virtual dimension in a realistic environment, contrary to today's common practice of representing the real through the virtual."