Yarn and filament manufacturer Filature Miroglio aims to stop using virgin PET in all of its polyester filament yarns by 2015, instead using recycled PET made from plastic water bottles as part of its Newlife line. 

Newlife, which is entirely made from post-consumer bottles sourced in Italy, includes POY, flat, textured, microfibre and hollow section yarns for a range of applications including fashion and sportswear.

Its sustainable benefits mean that 30 1.5l PET bottles are needed to produce 1kg of Newlife yarn - saving 2.4 tons of plastic from going to landfill for each ton of Newlife produced.

The latest addition to the Newlife line is the Pruvf recycled polyester filament yarns with permanent resistance to UV-light. This resistance to photodegradation is built in to the polymer chain, ensuring the yarns retain their tenacity even after 1500 hours of continuous exposure to sunlight, the company says.