The new Speedfactory features automated production concepts

The new Speedfactory features automated production concepts

Adidas Group has revealed that its first "Speedfactory" in Germany will start producing the sporting goods giant's first 500 pairs of running shoes as early as next year. 

Aiming to shape the future of manufacturing through new production technologies and efficiencies that support consumer needs, speed, flexibility, and sustainability, the company's first pilot Speedfactory production facility in Germany will make 500 pairs of running footwear in the first half of 2016. 

According to Gerd Manz, vice president of technology innovation at Adidas, the first pairs will help the company "set the scene for large-scale commercial production" in the near future so consumers can "locally get what they want, when they want it, faster than ever". 

Specifically, Speedfactory includes intelligent robotic technology that the company says offers the highest performance quality and a unique design. In addition, the Speedfactory network is expected to cut down on shipping emissions and reduce the use of adhesives. 

"Speedfactory combines the design and development of sporting goods with an automated, decentralised and flexible manufacturing process," explained CEO Herbert Hainer. "This flexibility opens doors for us to be much closer to the market and to where our consumer is." 

"Ultimately we are at the forefront of innovating our industry by expanding the boundaries for how, where and when we can manufacture our industry-leading products."

Adidas says it will roll out other "groundbreaking" initiatives in stores and via digital consumer experiences. 

In September, the group launched a three-year "game-changing" research project to develop what it calls a "new breed of sporting goods" that can be repeatedly recycled in a chemical and waste-free process: Adidas unveils "game-changing" recycling project.

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