The global childrenswear market is growing, with the US in particular expected to expand – but issues remain around size and fit.

In 2017 the global childrenswear market was worth approximately US$203.4bn, according to data from Statista. For retailers, growing kids equates to growing sales. The US children's apparel market is expected to reach $70.1bn (34% of the global market) by the end of 2018.

So why, then, has there not been a data-led review of kids apparel sizing standards in decades?

Alvanon fit experts, senior consultant Emily Robertson-Hood, and executive director Don Howard, will explore the current state of North American kids/youth sizing from newborn to 18 in a webinar hosted by just-style, and offer solutions that address current industry challenges.

Some of the key topics and questions to be discussed include: What data tells us about the size, shape and stature of today's North American kids; current size and fit challenges facing brands today; updated commercial solutions for development including 3D; and how a seismic shift is long overdue in children's sizing.

The webinar will take place on 8 November from 4pm London time/11am New York time.

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