Thermal insulation producer Heat-MX Worldwide is hoping to discover new apparel designs featuring its thermal insulation technology as part of a collaboration with the Fashion Institute Of Technology (FIT).

The firm has partnered with the New York City based college on its 'Heat-MX–FIT 2018 Student Design Contest: Disruptive Technologies in Thermal Insulation.' The project will see the two organisations work together to provide a selected group of FIT students with an opportunity to learn about the performance features of HEAT-MX products and then come up with new designs.

Participants will gain practical knowledge on how to build warm winter apparel items and will be encouraged to find new and innovative ways of adopting HEAT-MX technology into a wide range of other non-traditional applications.

"HEAT-MX offers multiple patent-pending technologies through its proprietary non-woven thermal insulation products. Thanks to the innovative performance features of our products, we have been able to expand the use of non-woven thermal insulation material from traditional applications such as winter garments and accessories into a wide range of other product solutions," says Sae Chang, president of HEAT-MX Worldwide.

"One such example is our recent development of lace dresses which can be worn even in minus 10-degree Celsius (-10°C)/14-degree Fahrenheit (14°F) with a usual ensemble of other winter outfits."