Fjällräven’s down is handled in sealed sacks

Fjällräven’s down is handled in sealed sacks

Outdoor clothing business Fjällräven has made what it calls a “Down Promise” that its products will use only ethically produced down of the highest quality.

The promise is the culmination of several years' work by the Swedish company, following fierce criticism of goose down production processes by animal rights groups because of the claimed ill-treatment of birds.

Now Fjällräven can trace all of its down, from hatchlings to finished products, working with one supplier who shares the company’s views on animal welfare. To ensure its down is never mixed with down from other sources, it is handled in sealed sacks, which are checked in repeated tests at different stages of the production process.

“Just as Fjällräven places high demands on all their products in general, we are also very careful to ensure that our down is produced in an ethical manner,” said Aiko Bode, chief sustainability officer for the company and the Fenix Outdoor Group.

“This is why we have invested so much energy into ensuring an upright and controlled process the whole way, from the bird farms via the slaughterhouse and down processors to the factories that make the final products.”