Cotton Incorporated has joined forces with chemical specialist Archroma to launch a fluorine-free version of its Storm Cotton outerwear textile technology.

The organisation said the launch of the water-repellent and durable textile came in response to growing demand for textiles that reduce or eliminate fluorine chemistries among apparel brands.

“As a partner to the global cotton supply chain, part of our job at Cotton Inc is to speed to market technical options that will benefit cotton, the supply chain and the consumer,” said David Earley, senior director, global supply chain marketing, at Cotton Inc.

“Fluorine chemistries have been around for a long time because they are effective,” added Brad McClanahan, global head of marketing at Archroma, whose chemistry was used to develop the fluoro-free alternative.

Cotton Inc is also currently researching similar alternatives for the full range of its technical finishes, including the Transdry moisture-wicking technology.