With the availability of prepaid Cybermoola cards in its Dallas-area stores, Footaction USA becomes the first national retailer to enable consumers to shop online with cash. Select Footaction stores now sell Cybermoola cards, which can be bought with cash and then used to shop at leading Web stores, including www.footaction.com. The relationship between the two companies opens online shopping to untapped demographic groups, while marking a new level of convergence between online and offline retail channels.

"Some people are concerned about shopping online with credit cards due to debt or security fears. Now, Cybermoola Inc and Footaction enable these shoppers, as well as millions of cash-dependant consumers who simply don't use credit cards, to shop online," says Eric Freeman, chief executive officer of Cybermoola Inc. "Our prepaid cards offer a cash-based alternative to credit cards."

Cybermoola, the prepaid Internet shopping card, has partnered with a variety of leading e-commerce sites. Customers who purchase a Cybermoola card at Footaction retail locations in the Dallas area can use the card to purchase a variety of products online, including athletic footwear, music, apparel, electronics, cosmetics and more, through other retailers. A consumer purchasing Cybermoola at a brick-and-mortar location enters the card's Unique Serial Number at www.cybermoola.com, and uses a simple online account to shop at any site accepting Cybermoola as a payment option.

"We're excited to be a pioneer in this program," said Shawn Neville, president and CEO of Footaction USA. "Having access to Cybermoola in-store gives us the opportunity to further leverage our brick-and-mortar business with our online business. It also provides our customers new purchasing options and, for many, an introduction to online shopping."

About Footaction USA

Founded in 1976, Footaction USA operates 551 primarily mall-based stores in 43 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The company is a division of Footstar, Inc (NYSE: FTS) based in Mahwah, NJ.

About Cybermoola, Inc.

Launched in September 1999, San Francisco-based Cybermoola Inc is a pioneer in cash-based payment for shopping on the Internet. Cybermoola is prepaid e-money that enables shoppers to purchase merchandise online without a credit card or bank account. It is the first prepaid Internet cash card to be sold in-store at a major national retail chain. This safe and easy-to-use payment option helps e-tailers and retailers transform online and offline consumer traffic into actual online sales. Customers can use Cybermoola online through national retailers to purchase clothing, music, books, sporting goods, cosmetics and more. In addition to its in-store availability, Cybermoola can be purchased online at www.cybermoola.com.