Chile's footwear imports jumped 16.9% year-on-year between January and October 2005, according to a report cited by Latin America News Digest.

The report by sector association Fedeccal showed Chilean footwear imports to total US$254m in the ten-month period.

79% of imports came from China, the report said, while 7.0% were from Brazil, 3.0% were from Vietnam, and 1.0% were from Argentina.

The average price of an imported pair of shoes during the period was $6.16.

Shoe group Bata took in the most imports at 3.9m pairs of shoes totalling $28, while Chilean department store chain Falabella was second, importing 3.0m pairs worth $20m.

The value of Chilean footwear exports during the ten months increased to $5.3, up 20.4%, the report said.