Footwear, component and accessory portal has taken another strategic step forward in its international expansion with the opening of a commercial office in León, Guanajuato. This is the state that brings together the majority of Mexico's footwear manufacturing industry.

The main objective of this new office will be to strengthen the opportunities for business development with the sector's Mexican companies. It will concentrate its efforts on signing new members and promotional activities, and has already entered into collaborative agreements with the organisers of the Sapica (Leon) and Modama (Guadalajara) trade fairs.

Services proposed for its Mexican members include a programme of courses in electronic commerce - which aims to develop confidence in the Internet as an essential work tool. The new office will also set up a specialised service for direct marketing, telemarketing and e-mailing, and hopes to open up a permanent showroom.
The office in Mexico is headed by Jesús Jara, the former manager of foreign trade at the Footwear Chamber of Commerce in Guanajuato.