Net sales of adidas-Salomon in the first half of 2000 increased by 7 per cent to Euro 2.8bn, growing at a much higher rate than last year. However, the increase was substantially due to currency effects. At constant currency rates, net sales would have been virtually flat year-over-year.Sales in all three product divisions increased in the first half of the year. This growth was driven by footwear and hardware, which were up 4 and 25 per cent in the second quarter, bringing first half increases to 6 and 32 per cent respectively. The footwear increase was driven by above-average growth in the basketball, soccer and adventure categories. Apparel sales were flat.Sales for brand adidas in the second quarter were up 2 per cent, which brought sales for the first half to Euro 2.3bn, a 3 per cent increase year-over-year. adidas brand footwear sales in the first half increased by 5 per cent to Euro 1.2bn. adidas Apparel sales were maintained at the previous year's level.Salomon sales continued to show last year's strong growth, increasing by 27 per cent to reach Euro 154m in the first half year. Particularly high increases of summer product categories were recorded in inline skates and outdoor footwear.