US young women’s wear chain Forever 21 has refuted claims it intentionally set up its maternity range in States with high teenage pregnancy rates.

It follows media scrutiny over its Love 21 Maternity line being launched in Texas, Arizona and California, which reportedly have relatively high teenage pregnancy rates, together with two other States that do not.

A spokesperson for Forever 21 told just-style that Love 21 was set up in larger ‘big box’ formats in these States, and three others, and were aimed at women between their mid-20s and 40s.

She said: “The locations were no way targeted for teenage pregnancy, and we had no idea this conclusion would come about.

“It is absurd in our mind, and people are giving teenagers too little credit. Our customers have shared the same thoughts on our Facebook page.”

The Love 21 range was also introduced in Utah and Alaska upon its release eight months ago, and on the firm's e-commerce site.