Nicaragua is positioning itself as an increasingly competitive footwear production centre, with an international forum in June set to highlight investment opportunities.

'Nicaragua, The Right Step' will also include an overview of the international footwear market, industry trends, commerical footwear rules and market access.

The event, organised by ProNicaragua, will take place from 13-14 June in Managua. Representatives from footwear manufacturers, footwear brands and retailers from Brazil, the US and Italy are expected to attend.

Javier Chamorro Rubiales, executive director of PRONicaragua, says "the country's footwear sector has quickly become an important industry in the last two years and it is with efforts like these that we seek to continue promoting and developing this innovative sector".

The programme will also include visits to international footwear manufacturing companies in Nicaragua.

Brazilian women's footwear manufacturing company SCA Footwear is already making a foothold in Nicaragua with plans to invest up to US$25m and create 4,000 jobs. In addition, Brazilian shoe manufacturer Aniger plans to create 1,200 jobs and produce up to 10,000 pairs of shoes a day through its subsidiary Tecshoes.

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