South African fashion retailer Foschini Limited has implemented JDA's Size Scaling software in its 169-store Markams men's wear chain to provide the right mix of sizes to the right stores.

The company recently expanded into Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia, and has integrated a mix of JDA Software across all its trading groups.

The size scaling tool is expected to be used by three more of its retail units this year.

"It's a place where one size doesn't fit all," said Brent Curry, CIO at Foschini Group. "We have to cater to the needs for different size clothing in different regions, and different ranges for the many different market sector groups throughout the country.

"The weather also plays its part, with some parts of South Africa being extremely hot and dry, and other regions requiring clothes for wetter, cooler conditions.

"The software fills the major gap in addressing the size issue. Before, many stores suffered from selling-out of certain sizes, but now we can provide the right mix of sizes to the right stores.

"With 1,300 fashion stores spread throughout South Africa and with such large volumes of merchandise, we can't manage everything manually."