Casual apparel and sportswear from Nike, Polo RLX, Lands' End and Tommy Hilfiger will soon be incorporating phase change materials from Outlast Technologies Inc under a new deal announced on Tuesday with Fountain Set (Holdings) Ltd of Hong Kong.

The agreement covers research and development, manufacturing and sales and will take Outlast Adaptive Comfort technology into "market segments in which we haven't yet participated," according to Duncan Edwards, Outlast VP Asia.

"Our R&D department is committed to designing fabrics that incorporate Outlast phase change technology for greater comfort in broad consumer applications, especially every day apparel," says Lara Wong, director of product development for Fountain Set, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of knitted fabrics in the world.

"We plan to launch a collection of Outlast knit fabrics in January 2003 to our end-use manufacturing partners such as Nike, Polo RLX, Lands' End, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

Outlast fibres and fabrics contain micro encapsulated phase change materials called Thermocules, and consumers can expect to see knit apparel using Adaptive Comfort technology in stores and catalogues as early as 2003.