The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety says a further four apparel factories used by its member companies have been fully remediated, bringing the total number of completions to 46.

Global Fashion Garments Ltd, Global Outerwear Ltd, Ornate Knit Garment Industries Ltd, and Sajid Washing & Dyeing are the latest to have successfully remediated all critical safety issues identified during their inspections, the Alliance said in an update, fully completing their Corrective Action Plans. Additionally, Sheehan Specialized Textile Mills Ltd, Smart Jacket (BD) Ltd, and Smart Jeans Ltd, were removed from suspension. 

"We are proud to recognise these factories for the tremendous strides they have made to ensure worker safety," says Alliance country director Jim Moriarty. "These advances show that we are committed to working with factories that take safety improvements seriously, and that compliance with our standard is achievable within our established time frame for factories that are committed to this process."

In addition to the completions, the Alliance says it has suspended one new factory – Stylo Fashion Garments Ltd – for failure to make progress on remediation or remove lockable exits, bringing the total number of currently suspended factories to 102.

The Alliance's 28 member companies source from around 950 factories in Bangladesh.

As a result of its remediation work, the Alliance says the number of Bangladesh garment factory fires has dropped by more than 90% in recent years; from 250 in 2012 to 30 in 2015. 

Last month, the group was forced to defend itself against claims by a group of labour rights organisations that its efforts have been overstated and it is concealing its lack of action.

A report produced by the International Labor Rights Forum, the Worker Rights Consortium, the Clean Clothes Campaign and the Maquila Solidarity Network, alleged there are "considerable" delays in repairing safety defects in factories supplying Alliance member companies. It also criticised a number of brands, including Gap Inc and Walmart, for failing to fulfil their commitment to make supplier garment factories safe.

Bangladesh Alliance defends position over remediation claims