An initiative that is helping promote leather as a high quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable product has secured support from four more leading tanneries.

Bader Leather, Wolverine Leathers, Kuo Yuen Tannery, AI Topper and Northampton University are the latest to join the Leather Naturally campaign, which is also working to educate designers and consumers about leather's benefits.

"The image of leather is at stake and the industry is realising that it is important that it unites with all value chain members in the leather value chain, including national and regional leather organisations," Leather Naturally says.

Sylvain Bussiere, Wolverine Leather's vice president and general manager, agrees: "The leather industry must embrace all initiatives promoting ethicality through the production of a true sustainable product."

While Micaela Topper, from AI Topper in Australia, adds: "We see the social license landscape of the leather industry as changing rapidly with the growth of the 'sustainable fashion' movement and a generational shift in thinking towards eco-consumerism across all purchasing behaviours. We believe that now is a critical juncture at which we – as an industry – have the opportunity and a collective responsibility to promote leather as an ethical and sustainable natural resource."

Leather Naturally, whose members include tanneries, leather chemical manufacturers and brands, is currently preparing a promotional plan to present to the industry, according to Mike Redwood, the campaign's spokesperson.