Hundreds of angry workers left jobless by the sudden closure of a factory that made sports shoes for Nike on Wednesday staged another protest against the US firm after talks between the two failed to resolve the dispute.

Furious employees of PT Doson Indonesia turned up for work last month to discover their plant had been axed without notice. Nike is due to terminate its contract with the firm in November.

Union chiefs met with senior Nike officials in Jakarta yesterday to demand the firm help the 6,800 laid-off workers. When their demands weren’t met they staged a non-violent demonstration through the city’s streets shouting anti-Nike comments.

Nike said earlier this year it planned to end production at the plant as it considers joining other foreign firms in relocating to Vietnam and China where productivity is higher and wages are lower.

Jeff DuMont, general manager of Nike Indonesia, admitted its contractor had surprised it by closing the Legok plant early but said his company would help the workers by giving them loans, medical care and education.

However, he insisted Nike would not get involved in the dispute between Doson and the workers over the size of their severance packages.