New Comfortemp rubber materials that are now ready for commercial production and sales have been unveiled by Frisby Technologies Inc (Nasdaq: FRIZ), the developer of dynamic climate control materials. The material was developed to bring the cooling properties of Comfortemp to the global sporting goods marketplace, as well as to other markets of strategic importance to the company.

The versatile material can be used within footwear components for athletic shoes and as a cushioning material in protective pads and sports braces. Frisby has applied for worldwide patent protection for this new invention.

Comfortemp rubber is comprised of Frisby's proprietary Thermasorb additive embedded within certain proprietary high-density elastomers. Initially, the materials have been produced to deliver maximum cooling performance, although they can be adapted for a variety of heating applications by selecting the appropriate Thermasorb additive. With its distinctly cool feel and excellent drag, the material can also be made in a variety of colors and forms producing an ideal gripping surface.

"At Frisby, our product development pipeline continues to deliver exciting new performance products that can help re-invigorate established product categories," said Duncan Russell, president and COO of Frisby. "The introduction of new Comfortemp rubber strengthens our leadership position in supplying innovative dynamic climate control solutions to significant markets worldwide. We are in the final phase of a significant product line expansion that will make Comfortemp containing products more accessible to consumers. By the end of the second quarter of 2001, we will have successfully completed a five-fold expansion of our Comfortemp product lines."