Frisby Technologies Inc, the developer of the Comfortemp climate control materials, has developed a new nonwoven variant for use in footwear components.


The patent pending products were developed jointly with the research department at Texon UK Ltd, a division of Texon International Plc, based in England and one of the world's largest producer of cellulose and nonwoven footwear component materials. All ownership interest in this invention has been assigned to Frisby.


This new nonwoven Comfortemp material is designed especially to meet the physical and thermal performance demands of casual, dress, athletic and insulated cold-weather footwear.


Greg Frisby, chairman and chief executive officer of Frisby Technologies, described the new development as "an important tactic in the company's strategy to offer the most comprehensive selection of comfort-enhancing materials to manufacturers seeking to add technological innovation and differentiation to their products.


"The global footwear market is growing at about five per cent per year and each year the total number of shoes produced using a Texon International product exceeds 1.8 billion pairs of shoes, or 18 per cent of the world's total footwear output. We anticipate that our relationship with Texon International will prove extremely helpful to Frisby as we aggressively pursue this major market opportunity."


All Comfortemp materials contain Frisby's proprietary thermal additive, a powder-like substance that automatically absorbs, stores and releases heat as required to maintain a balanced temperature.


The new footwear component materials will be available for use in insoles, heel counters and shoe linings, as well as to replace or enhance traditional insulation in cold weather footwear.


Patent applications have been filed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.