FTADirect (www.ftadirect.com), a leading business-to-business marketplace for the fiber, textiles, and finished goods supply chain, today announced partnerships with key players in the softgoods industry.

Partners include: Springs Industries, Harriet & Henderson Yarns, Inman Mills, Mayfair Group, National Spinning, Sapphire Group, Dar Es Salaam Textiles Mills and Quetta Group.

"A pattern has emerged in the formation of B2B marketplaces across a number of industries whereby concentrations of industry leaders are coming together to form industry sponsored marketplaces or ISMs," said Nick Hahn, chairman of FTADirect and former CEO of Cotton Incorporated. "FTADirect serves as the catalyst for such a marketplace within the highly fragmented softgoods industry."

FTADirect's marketplace facilitates global textile trade by creating an online exchange where buyers and sellers can engage in e-commerce for every product of the softgoods supply chain - from fiber to finished goods. FTADirect is cultivating a marketplace for the trading of fiber, yarn and greige goods (unfinished fabric), staple industry products that are easily traded online. FTADirect will soon expand into finished product and eventually look to become the finished goods "button" across multiple retailers' purchasing systems.

"With the ongoing elimination of barriers to trade, such as the recent CBI legislation, global sourcing and sales opportunities will become increasingly important," said Marshall Cooper, CEO of Harriet & Henderson. "We believe that partnering with FTADirect will give our brand targeted international visibility."

The textile companies that are prospering today are the ones who have succeeded in reinventing themselves and keeping up with technology. Enabling business-to-business transactions on the Internet not only reduces costs by streamlining the sales and purchasing process, but also allows companies to find new sources of revenue and redefine the value chain.

"We selected FTADirect as our partner because of their thought leadership and strong management team with over 75 years of combined experience in e-commerce and softgoods industry," said Rob Chapman, President of Inman Mills. "We believe that with the combined experience of FTADirect and industry leaders, we will usher the highly complex softgoods industry into the digital economy."

FTADirect is enabling complete trade fulfillment through partnerships with leading international companies in the areas of logistics and tracking, trade financing, insurance and quality assurance.

About FTADirect

FTADirect is a leading online business-to-business marketplace for the fiber, textiles, and finished softgoods supply chain. FTADirect's solution encompasses developing global strategies, product sourcing and development, order tracking, financing, and logistics services. FTADirect has secured funding from a number of industry partners as well as financial investors. Additional information about FTADirect and a description of the services offered can be found at www.ftadirect.com.