G-III Apparel Group has won the licence to produce Calvin Klein's women's sportswear, succeeding previous licensee Kellwood Company.

Under the agreement, G-III will manufacture and distribute the apparel to department stores and speciality stores in the US, Mexico, Canada, plus other central and south American territories.

The agreement takes effect from the spring/summer 2009 shipping season.

The new licence supplements G-III's existing licences for Calvin Klein men's and women's outerwear, women's dresses and suits, plus, most recently, a line of women's performance apparel.

"We are very pleased to be expanding our partnership with G-III to include our Calvin Klein women's better sportswear," said Tom Murry, Calvin Klein president and COO.

"G-III's approach to each of the licensed Calvin Klein business categories that they currently operate has proven to be successful, and we anticipate that they will have similar results with the women's sportswear business."

Morris Goldfarb, chairman and CEO of G-III, said the company had developed a "thorough understanding" of the brand and was eagerly anticipating the new licence.

"We believe that this licence agreement is an important and strategically significant development that will benefit our two companies and the many customers of the Calvin Klein brand," he added.