Gap Inc is looking at possibilities for growth after a three-year break from international expansion.

The San Francisco-based clothing giant is considering a fourth chain in the US, according to the Financial Times.

Gap, the US's biggest speciality retailer, is also looking to how it can extend further into its markets in the UK, France and Japan, and also break into new countries, according to chief executive Paul Pressler.

The group is said to be considering exporting its other North American brands, upmarket Banana Republic, and lower-market Old Navy.

Pressler was quoted as saying: "There is no doubt in our mind that there is an international leg to the stool that is bigger than it is today.

"We also believe that we need a fourth brand, and some day we'll need a fifth brand.

"We're not looking for little mom-and-pop brands; we're looking for brands that have large substantive market share (potential), which has implications for what markets we go after and how we do it."

Gap recently reported a 7 per cent drop in fiscal second-quarter earnings due to poor turnout to summer sales.